Dr Alain Lavoipierre

Dr Alain Lavoipierre is one of Australia’s foremost uroradiologists. Alain’s career is highly distinguished, with his being regarded as one of the pioneers in prostate MRI and of transrectal ultrasound and biopsy in Australia. Alain’s particular interest in uroradiology includes:

  • expertise in prostate MRI
  • renal biopsies
  • contrast enhanced ultrasound of renal lesions
  • CT urography and urinary tract sonography

His is well versed in minimally invasive procedures of the spine (facet and sacro-iliac joints, nerve root injections and epidurals), bursae and joints (including hydrodilatations). He is well respected as a general radiologist, is licensed in nuclear medicine, including therapy (iodine and strontium) and also has an interest in imaging of the thyroid and parathyroids.