A/Prof Pramit Phal appointed to Neurosciences Clinical Institute Executive

A/Prof Pramit Phal of Epworth Medical Imaging

A/Prof Pramit Phal, Clinical Director of Epworth Medical Imaging, Epworth Richmond, has been appointed to the Neurosciences Clinical Institute Executive. The executive is headed up by the Director, Dr Peter Dohrmann.

A/ Prof Pramit Phal In his current role, Pramit is responsible for providing clinical leadership to the Epworth Medical Imaging team, but his accomplishments in neuroradiology hold him in excellent stead in making a valuable contribution, and a vital member, of the Institute Executive.

Pramit’s particular area of expertise involves MRI imaging of the brain, spine and ear, nose and throat. He brings considerable experience in advanced MRI techniques in neuroimaging, such as functional MRI, diffusion tensor tractography and MRI spectroscopy. Pramit has published 40 peer reviewed articles and is an examiner for the Royal Australian and NZ College of Radiologists.

Since the establishment of neurosciences at Epworth Richmond in 1970, Epworth HealthCare has developed a national and international reputation for providing the highest levels of patient care and clinical support.

The Neurosciences Clinical Institute focuses on neurology, neurosurgery, and neurosurgical and orthopaedic spinal surgery, and aims to increase the profile of these services at Epworth and to teach and develop advanced techniques in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of neurological and spinal disease.

Congratulations Pramit on this felicitous appointment.