Latest MRI technology a southern hemisphere first

Epworth Medical Imaging (EMI) has been selected as the first site in the southern hemisphere to host world-leading MRI technology.  Manufacturer GE hand-picked EMI to host the SIGNA Architect 3T MRI at Epworth Geelong, providing a number of new benefits to patients. EMI staff will also provide GE with knowledge and expertise on how to maximise the technology.

The SIGNA system scans patients in less time, without compromising on image quality. Scans can also be conducted feet first, including brain scans, which helps reduce any feelings of claustrophobia and offers patients a choice in how they receive their scan. In addition, the new technology features a silent sequencing option to allow for a quieter, calmer scan.

GE selected Epworth Medical Imaging because of its reputation and expertise in the field and builds on Epworth Medical Imaging’s existing MR expertise with reporting radiologist and clinical director, Associate Professor, Pramit Phal whose specific area of expertise is in neuroradiology, in particular, magnetic resonance (MR) imaging of the brain, spine and ear, nose and throat.