What is a biopsy?

A biopsy is the removal of sample tissue or cells from your body by a fine needle; samples are then examined by a pathologist. Results are sent to Epworth Medical Imaging and to your GP or specialist doctor.

How do I prepare for a biopsy?

Generally there is no preparation for a biopsy. If you are taking blood thinners you may need to stop taking this medication before your procedure – please discuss this with your GP or specialist doctor. Please inform our staff when you make an appointment.

Please bring any previous x-rays with you on the day of your examination.

On the day of your appointment

Epworth Medical Imaging’s friendly staff will greet you upon arrival and take your referral form. Paperwork relating to consent and allergies will also need to be completed. Your biopsy may be done under CT or ultrasound depending on where you are having your biopsy.

A radiographer will collect you from our reception area and take you into our CT room or a sonographer will collect you and take you through to ultrasound. You may be asked to change into a gown.

Our nurse and radiologist will join you in the room where they will first clean your skin with an antiseptic and will then use a local anaesthetic to numb the targeted area of skin. The radiologist will use CT or ultrasound to guide the biopsy needle to obtain some tissue – three or four samples will be taken. The tissue samples will then be sent to a pathologist to report.

Biopsy procedures generally take 30 minutes to 1 hour –, please discuss with our staff when you call to make a booking.


Once your procedure has been completed you may be required to have an x-ray immediately afterwards. You will then be kept under observation for 4 hours.

Results will be sent to your GP or specialist – please contact your GP or specialist in order to discuss results.


Epworth Medical Imaging accepts cash, cheque, EFTFOS, MasterCard and Visa for payment on the day. If you have provided your bank details to Medicare, we can lodge Medicare claims electronically so as your Medicare rebate is direct deposited into your bank account.

Pensioners and healthcare card-holders will be bulked billed for all items covered under the Medicare schedule, although some surgical procedures and scans may incur a cost, as they are not covered under Medicare. Our staff will inform you of costs prior to your examination. Please have your Medicare card ready to present to reception.

Locations where we offer this procedure:

Epworth Freemasons
Epworth Freemasons Medical Centre
Epworth Richmond
Epworth Geelong

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